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Rose Inflictions [10/?]
Jasmine Angel

Title : Rose Inflictions
Chapter : 10 / ?
Author : xversaillesrose
Genre : Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13
Warnings : MxM, Unbetad,
Summary : Hizaki, an innocent, princess-like character, finds himself lost in never ending thoughts of his band mate, the weeks brings many misfortunes which perhaps, in the long run isn't so bad after all. As he finds himself lost he seeks his one comfort; Kamijo
Pairings : KamijoXHizaki
Disclaimer : Unfortunately, I do not own them XP





Chapter 10



Dear Hizaki,       

                I wish to wish you a very Merry Christmas. This year more than ever. I wish to be so bold in asking you out this year, not as a band mate or a friend, but as my Princess. I know you have been through a lot as of recent, I wish not to make things worse so I a apologize if this is too bold, however I wish to speak for my heart instead to my mind for once. I am sorry that I have not told you though I am going away for a week running up to the day. I wish to cheer you up more than ever. To see your smile.

Kaya is coming to stay with you for now in my home.

If your answer to my request is a yes then please be home and ready for eleven o’clock. I shall pick you up. If your answer is no, do not answer the door and I understand completely.

All of my wishes,

With love from your Prince,

Kamijo Yujji



Hizaki blinked, dumbfounded by what he was reading. In fact he had to read it at least five times to make sure that it was real, or was not a prank. No this was Kamijo’s handwriting, and this was real....

Kaya turned up and day after day he had to read the Christmas card to believe such a thing was happening.

He; Hizaki and him; Kamijo were to be going on a Christmas date. Prince and Princess...

He spent each night lying in bed wondering what that day would bring, before finally his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep. Of course his decision was yes! It was as if some angel was watching him and answered his prayers... In fact one night he even sat there speaking as if his best friend, Jasmine You could hear him. Jasmine was the only one who knew about Hizaki’s liking for their band’s vocalist. Jasmine tried to encourage Hizaki on though the blonde simply shook his head and said that it was just some silly fantasy of his and something could never be so true.


Well it looks like now he was wrong.

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Aww, Hizaki get his date with Kamijo <3
Can't wait to read about it~ ^w^

uwaahhh YOSHK!!!!!!
finarriii some promise for future WIN XDDD
thanks SO much for updating, eventhough it was short...
because I know how busy you are <3
MERRY XMAS dear <3333

aaaahw !! now i wanna know how the date goes ~

whoa way to go kamijo-sama, damn now i need to find out how the date goes.

aw I always get sad wen they mention Jasmine You :(

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