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Rose Inflictions [9/?]
Jasmine Angel

Title : Rose Inflictions
Chapter : 9 / ?
Author : xversaillesrose
Genre : Romance, Angst
Rating : NC-17
Warnings : MxM, Unbetad, An upset Hizaki, Scared Hizaki.., Rape Intentions
Summary : Hizaki, an innocent, princess-like character, finds himself lost in never ending thoughts of his band mate, the weeks brings many misfortunes which perhaps, in the long run isn't so bad after all. As he finds himself lost he seeks his one comfort; Kamijo
Pairings : KamijoXHizaki
Disclaimer : Unfortunately, I do not own them XP


Chapter 9

He felt the vocalist’s lips brush over his own...so soft. A smile covered that previously touched feature as he shifted into the bed, the soft duvet and mattress enveloping him in such a wonderful way, yet it could not even compare to how amazing the caress of the others lips were. Kamijo leant back to kiss him again, making the blonde’s blush increase, his small shy smile turned into a grin as he kisses back now arms wrapping around the others neck.


As he pulled Kamijo closer he felt the others fingertips on his leg, brushing higher and higher making the other shiver. His own hands lifted into the others hair and gripped softly on those locks.

Oh Kamijo.

Kisses were moved down his neck; he twisted slightly and arched his back.


Yes this was a heaven.

With simple touches his worries were washed away and he felt his body grow hotter; slowly he was becoming desperate for the other.

How come these touches were so light? Oh Kamijo stop with the teasing! He moved to kiss the others cheek and then neck...

A small moan escaped his lips...

And then he opened his eyes.




As reality sunk in a small whine left his lips. It was a dream...the most amazing dream he could ever had and he woke up... his lips formed a pout as he squirmed...shit...he was turned on. >.<

Hizaki covered his face with his hands, now bright red. Oh god...how could he dream such a thing. He had just been close to raped and he was already dreaming of such things...yet to make it worse it involved Kamijo!

Now he was troubled by a certain feature of his body...he had his own little problem. A pout covered his lips as he sat up, his blonde locks failing over his shoulder. He hurried to the door and peeked out of his room.

The coast was clear. Good.

The princess hurried his way to the bathroom and entered. He locked the door quickly and sighed, as he turned his head he saw his own reflection. His usually perfect hair was dishevelled and sticking out in places , jhoever this was form no intimate scene, this was ony from the deep sleep. Suck a contrast to his wishes. He trailed his finger curiously to his neck and lightly traced his pulse point If only Kamijo...

A small sigh left his lips.

“No Hizaki. Stop yourself now.” The words left his mouth in a disgusted mutter.

And so he did. The delicate male removed his clothing and entered into the shower. The cooling water cascaded over his pale beautiful body and there he had o sort his problem out, muffling all of his sounds making them turn into whimpers of disgust, even now and then a tear left his eye.


Kamijo looked to the calendar. It was getting into December now.  He needed to decorate his house. And he had decided. Christmas day...he wanted to spend it with Hizaki. Of course in Japan Christmas was like a second valentine’s day...hopefully if he planned a lovely day it would make it magical for his Princess. He was fed up of seeing the other hurt like this. He wanted to hold Hizaki close and protect him.

The vampiric male placed his pile of Christmas cards to the side and then picked up one very beautiful looking one. A snowy scene with a single red rose in full bloom. ‘Merry Christmas’ was written in a glittery red script font across the side. He opened it and began to write.

Yes...he would make this Princess smile.

He hoped so.

No longer will he hold his feelings back...



Authors’ Comments –

Well here is my update 8D! I am sorry that it’s so short. I have been so so so busy lately. Exams and coursework x_x not good. Either way. My three dear friends have bought me an amazing Christmas present. – Versailles’ first photo book <3 looking thorugh it made me smile and cry. So beautiful. One of them also bought me Chateau de Versailles! <3 I’m so happy! Well I will try and get a Christmas update up for you all. Love you!

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Naaw, naughty Hizaki-hime~~ ;3
But this is very lovely chapter anyway~ Can't wait to read next one~^w^

He couldn't help it...much :P
Thank you <3 I hope to start writing it soon.
Thank you for reading and commenting <3

awwwww it was so nice <33 and i'm so glad you updated, coz i really like it and always wonder what will come next...
what wonderful presents!! wish i would get that xDDD
can't wait till the next, hope you have some more time on ur hands now... <33

I am glad that you liked it <3 Yay ^^ I try to think of interesting idea's and twists ^^
I am very very lucky I know <3 I am eternally grateful to my friends.
I will try to find some time to update though have loads to do x-x
Thank You for reading and commenting <3

yes :D another update ♥

poor hizaki... would have been worse if Kamijo found him like that XD he's lucky XD

-sigh- always hate wen u and someone else like each other but dont have a clue... this was very good though :)

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