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Rose Inflictions [8/?]
Jasmine Angel

Title : Rose Inflictions
Chapter : 8 / ?
Author : xversaillesrose
Genre : Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13 (Will rise as chapters go on)
Warnings : MxM, Unbetad, An upset Hizaki, Scared Hizaki.., Rape Intentions
Summary : Hizaki, an innocent, princess-like character, finds himself lost in never ending thoughts of his band mate, the weeks brings many misfortunes which perhaps, in the long run isn't so bad after all. As he finds himself lost he seeks his one comfort; Kamijo
Pairings : KamijoXHizaki
Disclaimer : Unfortunately, I do not own them XP


Chapter 8


The usually confident and composed blonde, known as Versailles’ legend; Hizaki, was left to be shaken and unfortunately lacking happiness, yet who could blame him? What he had been through in this short space of time was enough to demoralise anyone.

This just wasn’t his month.

Though as Hizaki cuddled up on the sofa wearing a pair of trousers and one of Kamijo’s Versailles tour shirts he knew that he could get over this. Slowly...but surely. After all, he had his prince and the male had been so kind to him; To his friend.  Hizaki trusted Kamijo more than ever now. If it wasn’t for the vocalist then he would truly have had a nervous breakdown by now.

“Thank you...” A small whisper left the blonde’s lips as he took the tea from the other. He shifted to sit up straight and blew on the drink to cool the substance down before then taking a small sip.

Kamijo smiled and nodded his head, then walked over to the cat up who was pacing the floor pointlessly. He took a spot next to the guitarist. Hizaki had waked up early this morning and Kamijo just after due to the sound of movement. He was concerned and worried for his friend, this had caused him to sleep very lightly ready to rush to his side at any moment to provide him with comfort, so when awakened he wasted no time in following the other downstairs.  There he spent the time allowing Hizaki talk his troubles through and vent completely on him. This deemed to be a benefit for them both. It released worry for each and provided as a sense of relief after the ventilation.

The guitarist smiled a little and leaned to the side, his head rested upon his prince’s shoulder and then he inched close, his body cuddling a little closer as he was now almost nuzzling the others neck, trying to get comfortable. Je could quite happily fall asleep now, this was so relaxing – he felt safe here with Kamijo and his cat.

It was almost unbelievable... and most certainly ironic; the ways which this turn of events had affected and changed him.

As true as the fact was – he did have feelings for this vampire-like friend – he had always made sure that they didn’t show. He would act in a professional manner and push them to the side, only in secret could and would he treasure the touches, fanservice...closeness of the vocalist. It was his guilty pleasure. He would hide each flutter of his heart and the feeling of butterflies in his stomach.

Yet now...now he seeked being close, being held. He had turned into the part of the princes she played.

Life was turning into some fairy tale tragedy.

Would that mean that he would get his prince?


No, he wouldn’t let himself fall into that fantasy. He would have comfort and accept his friend’s hostility but no more – he would not lose himself and ruin things between himself and Kamijo.

He felt his cat rub its head against him, and then pace around on Kamijo’s lap, lying close to them both. He smiled at that. Hizaki drank some more of his beverage before placing it to the side; he blinked but found his eyes would not open. Stress was catching up and taking its toll, without realising there, against Kamijo he fell asleep.

The vocalist just shifted (not caring if he disturbed the cat – which meowed in annoyance and moved to curl up on the end of the sofa instead) and wrapped his arms around Hizaki; he pulled him close and carefully moved him onto his lap. He felt for the other so much. He had gone through hell. Kamijo ran his fingers through the others hair softly and smiled; he began to sing very softly, the lyrics of Princess filled the room in a gentle melody version, especially for the princess in his arms. He sang for him...

“Nnn~ Kamijo..” Hizaki’s hushed voice escaped in a mumble as he shifted in the other’s arms, cuddling close. The prince blinked and looked down. Hizaki was sleep talking..? Or awake?

“Yes?” He decided to reply, yet spoke quietly, not wanting to wake him if he was indeed sleep talking. There was no reply, so this confirmed his initial thought.

“...Mijo...” The other murmured his name again. “Prince...” Kamijo raised an eyebrow and watched the other; his lips were moving only slightly. Should he really be listening to the other sleep talk? “Kiss...me...” The blonde shifted again. By now the other felt like he was intruding into the others thoughts without permission...what would Hizaki think if he knew Kamijo was now listening so intently..? But...he could not help it. Did...did Hizaki mean such words- even if only in his subconscious thoughts...in his dream? Was that all...a dream?

He felt it best that he should place the other up to bed now, and so he stood, holding the other bridal style and carried the sleeping beauty upstairs to his room.  When there, he placed the other down in the most gentlest of ways; careful not to disturb the other in any way whatsoever. He lay the duvet over him carefully and then looked down at him. Princess. Slowly he leant down and kissed those plush lips.

“Sleep well Hizaki, my Princess...”


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im so happy for the new chapter <3 it is a lovely story, thank you for sharing!

Thank you for reading it ^^ I am glad you like <3 And thank you for the comment <3

YAY!!!!! That was so sweet <3

that was so sweettttt
they should b happily together <33
can't wait for the next ^^

aaaaahw~ he got a kiss and he doesnt even know ~

I hope Hizaki confesses it or at least flops it out in some way...

Ah! im so excited to read more! I hope you will share the next part with us soon! Im impatient fufufu~

Aww <3
Lovely chapter again ^w^
It was just wonderful to put Hizaki sleep talking in his dreams :D *Blush* Can't say anything about of this because I'm speechless because this is really wonderful story of Hizaki and Kamijo <3
I hope you can soon posted you next chapter in here because can't wait to read it~

I also add you at my friend list so it's easier to my read your works^^ And I hope it's fine with you.

Aww he finally got some sleep<3

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